[BiO BB] Announcing the release of VigyaanCD v1.0

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Thu Sep 8 05:48:01 EDT 2005


has it a similar scope as  bioknoppix ?
What I do not like in Bioknoppix is that it is KDE based.
This means that it runs only on the edge of newest hardware  technologies.

Is LaTeX included ?

Cheers Christoph

Am Do, 8.09.2005, 02:34, schrieb Pratul K. Agarwal:
> Vigyaan (http://www.vigyaancd.org/) is an electronic
> workbench for bioinformatics, computational biology and computational
> chemistry. New in version 1.0: Based on KNOPPIX v3.7, most software
> packages updated, new applications added.
> At present the following ready to use software comes on
> VigyaanCD: Arka/GP, Artemis, Bioperl, BLAST (NCBI-tools),
> ClustalW/ClustalX, Cn3D, EMBOSS tools, Garlic, Glimmer,
> GROMACS, Ghemical, GNU R, Gnuplot, GIMP, ImageMagick, Jmol,
> MPQC, MUMer, NJPlot, Open Babel, Octave, PSI3, PyMOL,
> Ramachandran plot viewer, Rasmol, Raster3D, Seaview, TINKER,
> XDrawChem, Xmgr and Xfig. GNU C/C++/Fortran compilers and
> additional Linux tools (such as ps2pdf) are also available. VigyaanCD also
> provides tools required to compile and install other applications (from
> source). Therefore, making testing of 'Linux' applications possible on
> computers with other OS. _______________________________________________
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