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Fifth Virtual Conference on Genomics and Bioinformatics
October 25-28, 2005
Sharing Knowledge with the World

The Virtual Conference central broadcasting location is The Alliance
Center for Collaboration, Education, Science and Software (ACCESS).
>From this location several speakers will be presenting their research...
This site will host a maximum of 150 researchers and students.

No registration fees


The virtual conference on genomics and bioinformatics (V-VCGB) is an
advanced collaborative environment featuring top researchers involved
in the fields of Computational Biology, Structural Genomics,
Toxicogenomics and Cancer Research, Databases, Infectious Diseases,
Ethics and Education and Nanobiotechnology. The main objectives of the
Virtual Conference are:

* Transcend geographical and economical barriers for the exchange of
ideas that facilitates the interaction and collaboration among
scientists and educators around the world.
* Address the benefits and limitations of the newest developments in
post-genomic technologies.
* Explore the social and ethical implications of genomic and
bioinformatic research.
* Establish new ways to introduce the high school community to today's
multidisciplinary science.

In order to accomplish our objectives, the Virtual Conference on
Genomics and Bioinformatics is completed without registration fees. The
conference is broadcast around the world using Access Grid and real-time
video streaming technologies. In addition to the real-time virtual
conference, presentations (visual and audio) are available on the web
for delayed streaming. Threaded discussion sessions with the invited
speakers and additional peer-reviewed paper sessions follow the

Who Should Attend?

Students, Bioinformatics' project leaders, Statisticians, Artificial and
Synthetic Life, Computational Biologists, Computational Chemists, IT
leaders and Genomic database administrators, Biotechnology business
analysts and anyone involved in the analysis of the genomic structure
and dynamics of living systems

To register to one of the Virtual Sites around the world:

To check the program:

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