[BiO BB] Announcing MacResearcher.com

Joel Dudley joel.dudley at asu.edu
Wed Sep 28 04:38:05 EDT 2005

The MacResearcher team is proud to announce the official launch of  
MacResearcher.com (http://www.macresearcher.com), the ultimate online  
resource and community for the Mac-loving scientist. MacResearcher  
offers articles, news, and reviews as well as a diverse selection of  
forums for community interaction. In the true spirit of community  
MacResearcher allows and encourages all members to step up to the  
digital soap box and submit content for publication on the  
MacResearcher.com main page. If your an Xgrid guru, a digital gene  
hacker, algorithm architect, or Powerbook toting physicist,  
MacResearcher offers you the platform to share your arcane knowledge  
with the über-intelligent world of MacResearchers. MacResearcher.com  
is for MacResearchers by MacResearchers, so If you'd like to add a  
feature to the site, run a MacResearcher blog, or host an open-source  
software project, MacResearcher can accommodate you.

Head over to http://www.macresearcher.com now for the latest news,  
tips, and tricks. All forms of feedback are welcome. Thank you for  
taking the time to read our announcement.


MacResearcher.com Team

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