[BiO BB] question on low level processing of Liquid chromatography (LC)

James Anderson janderson_net at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 12:34:36 EDT 2006

  I am new to LC, I have a question about low level processing of LC. I am quite familar with the low level processing of SELDI/MADLI which has the following steps:
1. Smoothing 2. Baseline removal, 3. normalization 4. Peak detection, 5. Peak alignment. 

Does low level processing of LC have the same steps? Especially for baseline removal (or background subtraction) and normalization. For seldi/maldi, the baseline removal is the removed the artifact caused by the energy absorbing matrix, but for LC, do I need to subtract the baseline as well? If so, what's the physical reason behind this? In addition, the normalization of seldi/maldi uses TIC.  what should I do with the normalization of LC? 

Another question is: is every point is LC the sum of every point of Mass spec on the same retention time? 


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