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Indranil Mitra imitra at myezconnect.com
Tue Jan 8 01:21:02 EST 2008

I am working on novel technologies of drug delivery and how we can simulate the same.
If any body is working on the same or can give any more ideas I would be glad to discuss/collaborate.

Thank u!!!

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I haven't tested the procedure myself, but a paper in 2006 in BMC Bioinformatics described a "machine learning approach." See Yan et al. 7:262. Good luck!

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	Hi folks,
	Suppose I have a novel gene whose product is a DNA binding protein, how
	would I go about locating potential binding sites where this protein could
	bind? I'm only interested in finding sites for this specific protein and not
	a general scan of tfbs.
	I've extracted upstream sequences of genes that I'm interested in but I
	can't think of a way forward.
	Cheers and belated happy new year :-P
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