[BiO BB] DNA modelling softwares

senthil kumar kailsen at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 19 01:27:51 EDT 2008

hi what exactly ur looking for, modelling double stranded DNA from a given sequence ??? if so u can use NUCGEN a program developed in our lab and published.
 detail ur requirments to be of more use...

DKS kumar

From: sreebha syamal <sreebhapsyamal at gmail.com>
To: bbb at bioinformatics.org
Sent: Saturday, 18 October, 2008 9:39:11 AM
Subject: [BiO BB] DNA modelling softwares

hi ,
   Coould any body tell me about some softwares(freewares/paid) to model
nucleotide sequences.
many thanks in advance
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