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Alessandra alessandra.bilardi at gmail.com
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Dear Dan,

I have got 1024 questions about semantic mediawiki.. well,  at some other time..
I create GBrowse.org personal account if someone asks me.
I would like to check all people would write into GBrowse.org .. :-P
If you want GBrowse.org account, then send me your username and you'll
receive wiki email.. well, I think that you know very well the rest..


On 1/12/10, Dan Bolser <dan.bolser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Cheers Alessandra,
> Its nice to see more sites using Semantic MediaWiki :-)
> One question, how do I register for an account on the site? There
> doesn't seem to be any way to register for an account.
> Cheers,
> Dan.
> 2010/1/10 Alessandra <alessandra.bilardi at gmail.com>:
>>  Hi all,
>>   I'm Alessandra and I run GBrowse.org.
>> GBrowse.org is a resource for using and setting up GBrowse genome
>> browsers. The site provides one location where biologists and
>> bioinformaticians can find:
>>  1. Genome browser web sites for any organism that has them. If a
>> species has a genome browser anywhere on the web, then we aim to link
>> to it.
>>  2. Links to sequence and annotation files that are available online.
>>  3. Links to genome browser configuration files, when available
>>  4. An FTP site containing genome annotation and configuration files
>> for each annotated genome that does not have its own web site.
>> GBrowse.org emphasizes the GBrowse genome browser in its organization,
>> but also links to sites that use other browser packages such as UCSC,
>> Ensembl, and JBrowse.
>> Also, we are currently conducting a survey seeking input on future
>> project direction. Please take a few minutes now to provide your
>> feedback.
>>   Survey link: http://gbrowse.org/survey/index.php?sid=64264&lang=en
>>   GBrowse.org introdution link:
>> http://gmod.org/wiki/August_2009_GMOD_Meeting#GBrowse.org
>>   Thank you for your help,
>>   Alessandra Bilardi.
>>   http://gbrowse.org/
>>   CRIBI Genomics, University of Padua
>>   http://genomics.cribi.unipd.it/
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