[Bio-wave-devel] I assumed, given all the media coverage, that I'd be getting these new Permanent stamps.

Hansen James iexak at etsu.edu
Thu Apr 26 09:37:30 EDT 2007

CHFR continues its Steady Climb, UP Another 23% Since Monday!

China Fruits Corporation
Symbol: CHFR
Price: $0.42

CHFR is climbing steady all week. UP over 23% since Monday, investors
are enjoying the solid climb. Read CHFR's recent news, and get on it

But a stupid sign does not insire me to vote. Do internet companies have
IT departements.
In my second game on warlord I had ICBM in the 1800's.
I realy haven't taken the time to listen to it much. Every 10 turns or
less a new tech. The rubbish acting (and i mean RUBBISH. At this point
you can be critical that nothing major has changed, this seemed to annoy
Jimmy who has zero relationship to Tenzwarth. Once you get around to
founding your great civ you will notice that this game plays faster than
civ3. Just thought i'd blog about it, though. You're an embarrassment to
your office, Mr.
I guess I'm now up in the Danger rage zone.
They also cause joint pain and muscle fatigue (in your hands) as well as
sore throats (from yelling at monsters and the like).
But i can't help myself, i can't stop watching it. But whats with
windows and it's stupid crap.
What does all this have to do with the fat guy at the beginning of this
blog? I don't understand the whole "prisoners are slaves and should be
entitled to freedom blah blah blah".
Which is nice, but somewhat bittersweet. So when class goes short I feel
a little ripped off. People just didn't want to see her masterbating and
getting it on with other men when she had a baby at home. Btw, I never
saw the first Transporter, but I'm told it wasn't very good - I'm not
exactly rushing to see it.
I guess the next question would be: who really cares about Paris Hilton?
Maybe Titanic(movie) was right!
So enjoy your Permanent stamps people. Was on Kazaa the other day and
found a mp3 named "death of Tilley".
everyone has access to computers and emails but they don't all think
about ramifications of what they are or are not doing.
When does that ever happen? Somehow I managed to find a flight out of
center of universe (southern Ontario). This goes right down to watching
horses move around, and fish swim in the ocean. Just thought i'd blog
about it, though.
People die - which was a bit surprising given we're used to everyone
miraculously surviving, but still we have a love interest, some sort
fighting, some despair, some history.
Every 10 turns or less a new tech.
It's a movie about a big, but somewhat insular family and their flaws.
2003 5:05AM  ::  page updated: 2. Glad to see the fish are once again
fighting back.

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