[Bio-wave-devel] hey check this one out

kathleen at whisperrockrealty.com kathleen at whisperrockrealty.com
Mon Oct 1 12:55:43 EDT 2007

New Porsche Designed .Fearless 28. brings in Over $9.9 Million in Just 7

Fearless International Inc.
Current Price: $0.25

The new Porsche Design Studio "Fearless 28" totes a price tag of
$300,000, and FRLE has already taken in 33 orders since its release in
February. This new release is one of 5 that will range from 28 up to 150
feet of pure luxury. The designs for the "Fearless 44" are expect to hit
the market any day. This has all the makings of a huge winner. Get on
FRLE first thing Monday morning.

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