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I am a native English speaker with extensive experience in language revision of draft English manuscripts for leading researchers at universities and for drug companies. My B.Sc. degree was in Applied Biology and I have specialized in translations from German into English in all fields of medicine and the life sciences. My expertise will be of invaluable assistance to you or your colleagues in the preparation of scientific manuscripts.
 Please specify whether you would like a quote for polishing an English publication or for enhancing a presentation at an international meeting or whether an English translation from German is required. Manuscripts submitted for publication in an international journal need not run the risk of rejection for reasons of language rather than content. Non-native English speakers can also be confident that the scientific content of their papers for presentation at international meetings will be favorably received. 
 Attachments to quote requests will be treated as absolutely confidential.
 Please indicate which of the following would be of interest to you:
-  general price information for "polishing" English drafts

- general price information for translations from German into English

-  a free quote for language revision of the attached English manuscript
 - please delete my email address (Unsubscribe)
 Please feel free to forward this email to scientific colleagues where appropriate.
 Best regards
 Lifescience Editorial Ltd.
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