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 The staff of Life Science Editorial Ltd. are all native English speakers with extensive experience in revising draft English manuscripts for leading medical and biotech researchers at universities as well as working for pharmaceutical companies.
 Our high-profile reputation is based on a long-standing and close collaboration with medical scientists as well as reputable pharmaceutical companies.
 Our expertise in scientific terminology and experience in editing English texts from all fields of medicine and the life sciences will give you or your colleagues invaluable support in preparing your publications. If you are not a native speaker of English, you can be confident that after we have corrected and revised your papers they will receive a commensurate and enthusiastic reception from your scientific colleagues.
 Please specify whether you would like a quote for "polishing" an English manuscript for publication or for optimising a paper for presentation at an international meeting.

 1) General price information for polishing English drafts
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David John Williams, B.Sc.
 Life Science Editorial Ltd.
 Abergavenny, Wales
 United Kingdom
 Fax 0044 187 377 0477 

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