[BioBrew Users] installed biobrew today...

Kip Lubliner kip at camelot.mssm.edu
Thu Aug 21 17:50:33 EDT 2003


Today we installed biobrew on our cluster, and I am very impressed with 
how smoothly the install went.  (we already tried, and rejected, OSCAR).

I have two comments on the install (I don't know if these are biobrew 
issues, or if they are generic Rocks issues, as I have never installed 
Rocks before):

1. during the frontend install, the frontend was configured to use 
hdc=scsi.  We have IDE systems, so I had to remove that from grub.conf.

2. we accidentally powered-cycled the frontend, and had to FSCK.  I 
would think that it would be better to use ext3 or some other 
journalling FS.


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