[BioBrew Users] New BioBrew cluster up

Bill Barnard bill at barnard-engineering.com
Thu Aug 28 12:51:53 EDT 2003

I've just completed initial installation and startup of a new BioBrew
cluster with Marcelo Siero. We both were in Bruce Moxon's Parallel
Computing class at UCSC Extension.

I'm very pleased with the ease of installation. Almost all the
difficulties we've run into so far were hardware problems; we built the
cluster from 1U boxes purchased at auction from a defunct dot-com.
Anyway looks like things are running well and it's time to start running
some benchmarks and other jobs to get familiar with Grid Engine, and the
many other packages there.

I will agree with Kip's earlier post that it would be advantageous to
install frontend nodes with ext3. I agree that compute nodes may as well
run ext2.


Bill Barnard <bill at barnard-engineering.com>

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