[BioBrew Users] BioBrew Vs Bio-linux

Mamoon Kundi mkundi at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 28 11:17:07 EST 2004

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the explanation.  Another question though:

Bioinformatics apps shipped with BioBrew are about the same shipped with
Bio-Linux, correct ?
I mean, both linux distributions comes shipped with same/similar
bioinformatics software ?

One can get the open-source software anyway, correct.

Is it optimized in any way on BioBrew, cuz as I understand it has to be
recompiled with specific libs to be able to run on the cluster, do you
know ?

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On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Mamoon Kundi wrote:

> Glen,
> How do u compare BioBrew with Bio-Linux
> http://bio-linux.net
>   or
> http://envgen.nox.ac.uk/biolinux.html
> I have read your faq and theirs, but wanted to know ur input/comments 
> on this topic.
> What r the pros/cons of BioBrew that I need to be aware of ? What 
> applications programmatically lend themselves to be run efficiently on

> a BioBrew machine ?

Hi maybe I can hop in here and make some points.  My name is Dan Swan
I am the Bio-Linux developer.  

The way I see it BioBrew is aimed at cluster deployment, Bio-Linux is 
squarely aimed at desktop use, although we do include Condor for loose 

BioBrew is a full Linux distribution, whereas Bio-Linux is currently 
(although this is changing) is distributed as a system image 
(see www.systemimager.org).  

Bio-Linux was designed to meet the needs of a single scientific 
community, but interest outside the community is causing 
us to change our development model.  Our focus has been, and always will

be, building bioinformatics workstations for bench scientists.  

If you are  looking for a cluster optimised 'proper' Linux distribution 
Bio-Linux is probably not what you are looking for.  If you are looking 
for a customised Linux desktop with bioinformatics applications with an 
easy route to loose clustering, it might be!

Glen feel free to disagree as you see fit :)



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