[BioBrew Users] Biobrew vs Biolinux vs Rocks

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Jan 28 17:55:08 EST 2004

Hi Chris.

I personally can't address your Rocks question, but I can say some more 
about collaboration between BioBrew and Bio-Linux.

Believe it or not, it's only been a couple weeks since those involved with 
BioBrew (including myself) discovered the Bio-Linux project, and vice 
versa, even though I have known Dan for years.  Corresponding with Dan 
about the projects, it seems that we will probably remain complementary 
vis-a-vis our target audiences (BioBrew for clusters/servers, Bio-Linux 
for workstations) but collaborate on using the same bioinformatic tools.  
In fact, we (at Bioinformatics.Org) plan to make use of our repository 
(149 projects hosted + archiving to come) in building a collection of RPMs 
that both BioBrew and Bio-Linux can use.


Chris wrote:
> Would it be opening up a can of worms to revisit the discussions from 
> last August relating biobrew to rocks?  They seem to be going the way 
> you wanted with your neurobiomathphygeobrew idea ... a base rock install 
> and then various rolls.  Have you given any thought to creating a Rocks 
> BioRoll in addition to/instead of biobrew?
> Does it make sense for you and Dan to discuss options that biolinux has 
> chosen and allow those as options on a FE install?
> I'm just asking because I see all three projects as being very valuable 
> to the research community and would love it if everyone played together 
> in a fashion that allowed us to easily benefit from _all_ of your hard 
> work -- instead of just some of it as might be the case if we don't have 
> the expertise/time to sort and merge ourselves.
> Of course I can completely understand that if building a whole distro is 
> more interesting to you than just a chunk I would rather there were too 
> many choices than too few.
> Oh yeah, and thanks to Dan and Glen

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