[BioBrew Users] Trouble running mpiBlast

Soumyadeep nandi soumyadeep_nandi at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 02:16:48 EST 2004

Thanks Glen and Kip for your instructions. 

We could troubleshoot the earlier troubles.While
working with pvm we found contirb-pvm is installed in
the frontend and no pvm was installed in the slave
nodes. So we installed the normal pvm present in the
distro and it is working fine.
Now we are trying to run blast on the cluster. We
could ran the normal blast without any hiccups. But
the problem started with mpiblast.
We have downloaded some of the example scripts from
Compiled the programs with "/usr/bin/mpicc", created
the machines file (with only two nodes, compute-0-0,
compute-0-1), started up ssh-agent and ran the sample
program. That ran fine in all the compute nodes
without any error.
As we try to run the mpiBlast with the following
[andrew at frontend-0 mpi_test_blast]$
/usr/local/mpich-vmi2/bin/mpirun -np 2 -machinefile
../machines /opt/BioBrew/NCBI/6.1.0/bin/mpiblast
-p blastp -d ../db/nr -i test.seq
We get the error as bellow:
Sorry, mpiBLAST must be run on 2 or more nodes.

With Regards,

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