[BioBrew Users] biobrew 3.0 ???

Glen Otero gotero at linuxprophet.com
Wed Mar 17 15:16:32 EST 2004

The BioBrew 3.0 iso is meant to be burnt to a DVD.

I published an article on BioBrew in this month's ClusterWorld magazine 
that referenced BioBrew 3.0 (which was in beta when I wrote the 
article), so I posted a release without announcing it for folks that 
read the article. I haven't announced it yet, because I'm working on 
getting the Opteron release up to the same point, at which point I'll 
announce them together. That's the plan anyway : )

The main difference in 3.0 is that it is based on RHEL 3.0, and not RH 
7.3 like previous versions. The other difference is an increase in the 
stability of the Infiniband software and drivers. No bioinformatics 
packages were upgraded, but upgrades of HMMER, ncbi toolkit, and 
mpiBLAST are planned in the near future. The other feature I will be 
adding is access to Intel's performance tools and compilers. The tools 
will be integrated and installed for you, all you will need to do is 
pay Intel for a license to make them operational. There will be a 
website for you to do this at.


On Mar 16, 2004, at 1:36 PM, Michael Lewinger wrote:

> Hi there. I have been accompanying the biobrew development schedule 
> for the
> past months and have not realized BB 3.0 is out. THE ISO image (1.8 
> GB) is
> probably meant to be burned on a DVD, right ? Anyway - what is exactly 
> the
> nature of this release ? Is this a GM to be made public in the near 
> future ?
> Miki Lewinger
> BGU, Israel
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