[BioBrew Users] Suitable DVD drives

Glen Otero glen at callident.com
Tue Oct 5 03:46:43 EDT 2004

I can't recall any of the makes and models off-hand, but BioBrew has
worked on all major brand DVD-ROMs that I've worked with, like Sony.


> Greetings.
> We tried installing BioBrew 3.0-beta from DVD (the only option) on a
> computer with a cheap (Dynex) DVD/R/RW drive, and the install process
> actually stops and asks for a device driver disk.
> We tried finding a device driver for the DVD drive, which is apparently
> made by a European company called "BTC", model 1108IM.  They have
> drivers only for MS-Windows, and based on a offical response, have no
> plans to create one for Linux.  We then searched for a generic driver on
> the Internet, but the only one we found is a generic one usually built
> into the Linux kernel, except apparently for BioBrew (and Rocks ?), but
> it is built into the Fedora Core 2 kernel that we were able to
> successfully install on the system.
> We found reference to a similar problem in the Rocks (not BioBrew)
> manual, whereby during installation the system wants a device driver
> disk inserted.  Rocks support response was that it was caused by cheap
> DVD drives not fully supporting the standard. They suggest typing
> "frontend driverload=ide-scsi hdd=ide-scsi" to emulate a scsi interface.
> We tried it, but it didn't work.
> We looked into creating a driver disk, but there isn't a driver image
> file like there was with earlier RedHat distributions, e.g.
> drvblock.img.  Same for the Fedora distribution we installed.  According
> to what we found on the Internet, RedHat no longer distributes a
> separate driver file.
> So, what drives do work with BioBrew 3.0?  What brands have people used
> and found to work without a separate driver?
> Cheers.
> Jeff
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