[BioBrew Users] Re: [Rocks-Discuss]Cluster-fork command??

Philip Papadopoulos phil at sdsc.edu
Wed Oct 20 11:16:52 EDT 2004

Cluster-fork will run a command on all nodes (or a subset). it uses ssh for authentication, and there for should run ssh-agent before doing cluster-forks, ssh's, scps, etc.

The complete set of things you will need is:

% ssh-agent $SHELL
% ssh-add
(After you have done the above you can run any number of cluster forks, ssh's etc)

% cluster-fork scp frontend-O:<path to file> <path to dest>

The scp command is run on each node in the cluster.

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Anyone had any idea how to use 'cluster-fork' command?? Or anywhere online 
to look for the command? I need to transfer a tar file from frontend node to 
compute node?? I had tried to connect ftp, but the system return connection 
refused. I think the system only can used SCP.

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