[Biococoa-dev] Design question

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Tue Aug 10 15:50:31 EDT 2004

> So am I ;-) But there's one caveat, I personally think we should see
> the singleton base sequence as the "native" format for our sequence
> class and throughout the framework. That means that the
> stringRepresentation is merely a way to give users the possibility to
> get back a string in the end, but internally all methods should work
> with and be optimized for the singleton base classes. I outlined the
> disadvantages of the stringbased approach that you will encounter (like
> the validation problem), it would be a pity if one still would
> continuously watch these caveats while we have such a nice system
> around. 
Okay, maybe I'll write up the DNA singletons and then re-work the methods
over the weekend ahead.  My job talk is over with, so time may be more free.

> I hope that elegant and strong foundation classes based on the
> singletons will almost complete remove the need for the strings world
> ;-)
Yes, other than saving the file, drag and drop to other apps, exporting to
Unix tools and databases, etc. etc.  I see the elegance and utility of the
idea internally, but as soon as we exit BioCocoa, sequences are a UTF8 world

And welcome, Tom!


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