[Biococoa-dev] Base test

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 12 13:42:44 EDT 2004

I've got a very busy afternoon/evening, so I won't be able to do anything
much with these, but I thought I'd send them around.  Currently, things
compile without an error, but I haven't tried to start using the classes, so
anything's possible.  I think moving the arrays used in the anyBase class
into permanent values might be a good idea, so the array's don't have to be
re-created with every method call.

Going any further's going to require a lot of unrewarding copying and
pasting, plus updating the root and "any nucleotide" classes so it'll be
slow (I'll force myself to do at least one a day).

Some ideas for other methods:
Have all BC classes that represent something implement a
"savableRepresentation" method that returns its information in a format that
can be stored in a dictionary/array file.

- (BOOL) complementsBase: (BCSequenceDNABase *)entry;
- (BOOL) representsBase: (BCSequenceDNABase *) entry;
Would help with some search routines.

The more we decide we want now, the less copying/pasting I'll have to do.



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