[Biococoa-dev] Base test

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 13 17:24:23 EDT 2004

> Actually you can just send the performSelector: message to the class.
> I wasn't sure if class objects conformed to the NSObject protocol, but
> if you try sending the message [MyClass performSelector:message], you
> get the same result as the objc_msgSend() stuff.

> That answers that question then, this is the elegant and legitimate way
> to use a plist as the source for methods to complement bases.

Right then, each base is an entry in a  .plist dictionary, with the base
name being the key.  The first time anyone requests a base, the file will be
read and all of the bases will be created.  The base will be a dictionary
and will have the following fields:

Matches (array)
Single (BOOL)
Complements (array)

I'll create the name and symbol on loading, and keep a reference to the
dictionary.  The first time anyone starts to access the matches, complement,
or complements, I'll take those strings out of the dictionary and use them
load the arrays up with actual bases.  This should prevent circular
initialization issues.

If the gods smile upon me, I can have this done before the weekend's over.

I really hope it works, it's too cool an idea not to......


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