[Biococoa-dev] CVS

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 19 15:08:27 EDT 2004

> I have exactly the same thing in the version I checked out John....
> No clue why things are missing, but perhaps Koen, Jim, and/or Peter
> know they are the ones who checked things in or set things up.

Well, I've fixed them in my local copy, and could commit things back, but
I'm afraid of screwing up the current version when it was decided we'd be
moving a lot of things off to a new branch.  When you do a basic checkout,
do you get the main branch?  If not, what version do you get?

Incidentally, for those of us using SSHPassKey, I've found my life improves
dramatically after having edited its info.plist to set LSUIElement to 1 (so
it doesn't keep popping into and out of the dock every 10 seconds).



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