[Biococoa-dev] 2 BCSequenceDNA questions

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 20 19:46:25 EDT 2004

I've actually deleted them and committed the changes, because I noticed
that, too. You may want to check the status before doing more work.

The point for those files was just to put my ideas in place so you could see
which ones overlapped with yours for the protein sequence and move them to
the base class.  I didn't implement most things, so I commented out the code
just to make sure it didn't mess with the compiling.

One problem I'm foreseeing, though:
When we init a sequence with a string, how do we tell it which objects to
use, nucleotides or amino acids?

Not sure about how to handle this gracefully...


> Why are you using a separate theSequence in this class? Just use the
> 'sequence' from BCSequence, and you can remove
> - (BCSequenceDNA *) init {
>      self = [super init];
>      if ( self != nil )
>          theSequence = [[NSArray array] retain];
>      return self;
> }
> and dealloc as well.
> Also any reason for commenting out almost everything?
> - Koen.
> (I just updated some stuff in BCSymbol and BCAminoAcid, but my local
> copy was not updated to the latest commits from John about an hour
> earlier. CVS gave all kinds of errors, until I figured out what went
> wrong. Not sure how we can prevent this, though)

This mind intentionally left blank

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