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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
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Just a few remarks while going through the code:
- I also got a warning for a mistyped NSMutableString tempString, which 
shouldn't be mutable.
- Why do you use autorelease and not release it directly right after 
you add it to the dictionary, you know you want to loose it anyway, so 
why don't do it directly. In fact I have seen major speedups/memory 
footprint reductions in my apps by a simple direct release instead of 
waiting for the autorelease if you use many objects. A common thing I 
do in a so-called double loop is to setup an autorelease pool for each 
inner loop cycle and release that everytime the outerloop continues, it 
can mean the difference between a nicely running app and a one that 
locks up the complete computer.
- perhaps John is about to change this already, but why not remove the 
create prefix in the methods of the sequencefactory, thus
- (BCSequence *) sequenceWithSequence: (BCSequence *) sequence;
instead of
- (BCSequence *) createSequenceWithSequence: (BCSequence *) sequence;
it's shorter, and adheres better to the guidelines. Similar to the fact 
that it isn't  + (NSArray *) createArrayWithCapacity; but 

Op 4-dec-04 om 3:01 heeft Koen van der Drift het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I get the following compiler warning in BCSequenceReader:
> BCFoundation/BCSequenceIO/BCSequenceReader.m:418: warning: 
> `BCSequence' may not respond to `-autorelease'
> BCSequence is a subclass of NSObject, so it should inherit that 
> method, right?
> - Koen.
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