[Biococoa-dev] CVS problems

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 30 19:40:57 EDT 2004

On Jul 30, 2004, at 6:54 PM, John Timmer wrote:

> Thanks!  I've attached the string additions, and a couple methods I 
> wrote to
> help with a CGI program I was working on (modified for bioCocoa).  If 
> you
> could create a BCUtil group within the project, I've got another file 
> to add
> to that later today (for now, my wife tells me it's time to go home for
> dinner, so it'll be quite a bit later).

OK, done. I have put all four files into BCUtils. We probably should 
rename StringAdditions to BCStringUtils.

- Koen.

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