[Biococoa-dev] ambiguous symbols

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 14 07:42:07 EST 2004


To make BCAminoAcid work similarly as the nucleotides regarding 
ambiguous symbols, I copied the code from 
initializeSymbolRelationships. The first line for the nucleotides 

	NSString *baseReference = [baseInfo objectForKey: @"Complement"];

However, the key "Complement" doesn't exist for amino acids, but I 
replaced the line with:

	NSString *aaReference = [aaInfo objectForKey: @"Name"];

Is this correct?

Also in the min/max mass calc code, I initially was using

	if (isSingleBase)

to test whether a symbol is unambiguous or not. Again, this doesn't 
exist for amino acids, so I replaced it by
	if ([represents count] == 1)

Is this also correct?


- Koen.

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