[BioCocoa-dev] NEW VERSION

Alexander Griekspoor a.griekspoor at nki.nl
Sun Sep 12 16:45:18 EDT 2004

> Just a few seconds here. You could try to run the script from the 
> terminal to see what's going on. Put this is a text file, name it hd 
> and store it at the rrot level of BioCocoa.Then cd to that folder in 
> the terminal, and type ./hd at the prompt.
> #! /bin/bash
> mkdir -p Documentation
> headerdoc2html -o Documentation BCFoundation
> gatherheaderdoc Documentation

Somehow that doesn't work. But subsequently running the two commands in 
the terminal shows that the first (creating the docs) is blazing fast, 
but the second takes ages "finding files". Well if this is only done on 
deployment that's fine with me, but it's strange isn't it?
Also, strangely when I build the BioCocoa target it now launches the 
sequence converter app when it finishes. How's that happening?

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