[Biococoa-dev] translation demo

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Sun Sep 26 16:46:21 EDT 2004

>> Just to let you guys know, I'm planning on changing the DNATranslator
>> to a
>> generic tool class (BCToolRibosome?) that can handle both DNA and RNA
>> with
>> the same method.  The method's going to wind up looking very similar
>> to the
>> existing one, but will be more broadly applicable.
> Nice! I would prefer BCToolTranslator though...
> Will that replace the DNATranslator or come in addition?

The current DNATranslator doesn't work (as Koen's seeing) due to all the
changes in the underlying classes it uses.  I'm planning on replacing it,
and I'm pretty sure that, using all the methods I've added to those classes,
I can get it to work as a single method.

I'm hoping to get to work on it in a couple of days.


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