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John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Mon Apr 4 20:34:20 EDT 2005

Hey all -

I¹m not sure if I¹ll be able to get out to California for an extended stay
around then, but I¹d love to if it can be arranged.  Maybe an actual
invitation from apple would make it easier to arrange!  Anything I can do to
help out, let me know, but otherwise, you seem to be handling things nicely.
It sounds like a great opportunity.  I¹m checking out OpenBio now, and they
seem like a pretty straightforward operation.  The only potential issue is
that they seem to be exclusively cross-platform stuff, but I guess we¹d just
have to ask about our stuff.

Thanks for you work on this -


> Hi everybody, 
> Here's the news I was talking about. Robert Kehrer at Apple responded to our
> question about a WWDC2005 BioCocoa meeting with the email below.
> Personally I think it's a great idea to join the BioHackathon with the
> BioCocoa team, of course as it coincides with the WWDC we can meet up there as
> well. That is, I still haven't heard about a potential sponsorship. I'll try
> to bring up that subject again if we know more about the BioHackathon.
> I discussed this off-list with Peter already, and he would like to join the
> BioHackaThon as well. Now I would like to know a few things and ask you guys
> if the following is a good idea.
> First, who would be interested to join this BioHackaThon if this were
> possible. It would be a great opportunity to really hack away with BioCocoa
> and do lots of work (starting at the WWDC already of course). Why would you
> like to join, or why wouldn't you.
> Second, I propose to contact the organizers of the BioHackathon as soon as
> possible to see what the possibilities are, costs, etc. We have been thinking
> in terms of the OpenBio organization already. It might be (way) too early to
> really join, but it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves,
> discuss with those people what our and their options are, and meet a lot of
> people with lots of experience and attract perhaps a few enthusiastic people
> from this field. If you all agree, I can do the same thing with Peter again
> and send an email to the people mentioned by Robert Kehrer. Let's then see how
> things evolve....
> Cheers, 
> Alex 

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