[Biococoa-dev] converting from 3-letter code to 1-letter code

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 28 21:00:52 EDT 2005


To enable the reading of PDB file, I added some code that converts  
the three letter code for the amino acid to a string of 1-letter  
code. Right now it is in readPDBFile in BCSequenceIO. After fiddling  
with subdictionaries and arrays, I suddenly realized it would be  
easier with using a symbolset.

I will commit the code if  cvs lets me, so it might take a while for  
the code is available. In the meantime, I have these questions:

1. Maybe we should move this to a separate method, in case there are  
more file formats that use the three letter code? (I guess the answer  
is yes)
2. Are there three letter codes for nucleotides as well? In that case  
the code could be more generalized.

I will also add some code to do the reverse.


- keon.

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