[Biococoa-dev] BCSymbolList replacement

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Sat Feb 5 10:11:28 EST 2005

>> Before commiting, I just wanted to check one last time, because I had 
>> to modify ~30 classes to replace the 'symbolList'  namings with 
>> 'sequence', also in method names (several 'Find and Replace' were 
>> necessary). The compilation is fine and everything seems to work OK. 
>> I don't know if you want to add a tag before such major refactoring 
>> (this is probably ~ the same as when you added the BCSymbolList, 
>> Koen?).
> Actually, I didn't tag it (don't know how to do that with Xcode :). 
> Alex did another reorganization a while ago, so you might want to 
> check with him what would be the easiest procedure. However, since we 
> all agree on this change (I hope we still do after we see what you did 
> to the code ;-), I would say just commit it. It's in CVS, so we always 
> can revert certain changes.

Yes, I did the last major cvs dance, as especially the directory 
hierarchy was changed I decided to clear the whole thing and upload it 
completely from scratch. This erases all comments though, which wasn't 
so much of a problem back then, but should be avoided wherever 
possible. If there are only files to update just use xcode or cvs by 
hand. What do you mean with major refactoring tag? Start a new branch 
or bump the major version number? Checkout the manual on how to do 
this, guess that can only be done from the command line...
>> I suppose such major refactoring is bound to happen at early stages 
>> of a project, and are a good thing? :-)
Better save than sorry indeed that's my point of view as well... These 
are called startup troubles ;-)
>  BioJava is currently in the progress of a complete rewrite. I am glad 
> I'm not in that project!
Same here!!


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