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Alexander Griekspoor mek at
Thu Feb 17 11:22:44 EST 2005

> My guess is that those stats are an over-estimation of the rate for the
> people we'd be writing software for.
No doubt this is not a representative sample, you're absolutely right, 
but I do stick to my 80-90% conversion to 10.3.
Yes, there are those machines which are never upgraded, but these are 
often shared, or say hooked to a scanner or machine. Macs that people 
work enthusiastically on are often happily updated by the user.
Anyway, you nicely dodge the question ;-)
Yes, a 10.4 version would be nice as a separate branch, but in my 
opinion the base version should be lifted to 10.3 instead of 10.2. You 
mention the reason yourself:

> The trick is that, to make the queries and bindings work, you have to 
> make everything you store
> key/value coding compliant.  We'd need to do a lot of work to get 
> there.

And the KVC, KVO protocols are first of all easy to implement, second 
it gives you bindings for (almost) free and IMHO all classes we produce 
should be compatible (even if you make the 10.2 compatible), key value 
coding (using accessors) is something we do already anyway. It's not 
difficult and not that much of work actually.
Switching to 10.3 has two main advantages, first the binding 
possibilities, second that it forms a much stronger basis for a 10.4 
version with WAY less differences (read: less work). I still think 
there might be possibilities to actually implement the 10.4 part as an 
extension (through categories?) on top of a base 10.3 version, but if 
the differences are too big we might end up with two different ones. 
With 10.2 as a base, the latter is truly the only solution.

Remember, right now 10% is on 10.2, once Tiger will be out that will 
drop to even less (I know people who will skip 10.3 but will go for 
10.4), and our framework isn't even out yet (add a few months) and the 
first app will come even later right (add even a few more months), who 
will still use 10.2 by then?


> There's other issues as well, but there's not enough in that short
> description to allow me to bring them up here.
> John
>>> Also, I think (might be wrong here) that by now 90% of the people run
>>> 10.3.
>> Here are some interesting statistics:
>> <>
>> Jim
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