[Biococoa-dev] Re: CoreData

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 17 14:21:40 EST 2005

>And: " A high-performance, SQLite-based database file format"
>As these indicate, CoreData should allow you to treat a database as an
>object store, meaning if you can write a database query that will produce a
>specific object or list of objects, you can just send that query into the
>CoreData store to get all the objects out.  This should mean that you no
>longer have to pass specific references to objects all over your
>application, and can bind to them painlessly.  The trick is that, to make
>the queries and bindings work, you have to make everything you store
>key/value coding compliant.  We'd need to do a lot of work to get there.

Thanks for the explanation. I have a much much better sense of what it is. Going KVC looks like a reasonable first step. Let's do that!


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