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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 21 20:06:54 EST 2005

At 19:52 -0500 2/21/05, Koen van der Drift wrote:
>On Feb 21, 2005, at 2:45 PM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:
>>>* do we need a BCFeature class? do we need a BCFeatureSet class? Probably only the latter. It seems the bsml format would require a BCFeatureSet class which could not be broken down into BCFeature elements, because it has a nested structure. If any of you has experience with data structures for xml, speak up!
>>Yes sir, well in fact I would strongly suggest that we make BOTH a BCAnnotation AND a BCFeature class.
>I agree with Alex here. See his excellent explanation for his enzymeX dictionary why.
>>Simple, clean, brilliant...
>I couldn't have said it better :)

I like the idea of wrapping a dictionary in a new class, if it means smart methods to store, sort and retrieve info.

One thing is actually still unclear to me. Do we need a BCFeatureSet (or BCFeatures)? Alex, could you lay out in more details what you are thinking about, what goes in the different class and what goes in BCSequence? Either here on the mailing list or commit some code on the cvs...


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