[Biococoa-dev] Alignment & HMM Support in Biococoa

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 22 16:11:29 EST 2005

At 14:32 -0500 2/22/05, John Timmer wrote:
>I think it sounds excellent.  Maybe I could finally understand what a Hidden
>Markov Model is...
>Incidentally, I recently wound up building OS-X versions of Muscle and
>ClustalW.  Now that our sequence object is stabilizing a bit, I was
>wondering if people thought it might be worth some effort trying to write a
>generic wrapper that could feed our sequences to command line apps and get a
>result back?  This would potentially help us provide a layer of abstraction
>to a large number of Unix tools.
>The reason this comes to mind is that I'm finding that a lot of these things
>only take input in a limited number of formats, and we've already got format
>conversion code in place....

If you can deliver such a nice wrapper, it would indeed be wonderful!
I think it is feasible.


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