Archiving annotations (was: [Biococoa-dev] Annotation)

Alexander Griekspoor mek at
Wed Feb 23 11:43:02 EST 2005

> This scheme to save objects to disk is perfect. I like the additional 
> BOOL 'shouldArchive'.
This should perhaps be integrated with John's proposal on the three 
archiving options, more on this later...

> I actually also liked the additional fiels 'creator' and 
> 'creationDate' (or something like this?)
Yes, I think it would be nice to automatically set the creation / 
modified date on all annotations, plus the author (which is something 
the end-developer is responsible for). Also, the same holds true for 
the sequence object itself, which can be done in two ways. Or upon 
creation of the sequence object, automatically annotation objects are 
added  (created, modified, author, version (?)). Or we have these 
general fields as normal properties in the sequence file (using 
accessors). Whichever you prefer. This can all be added in the 
annotation category part of the abstractsequence of course.


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