[Biococoa-dev] Comments on BCAnnotation

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Thu Feb 24 05:02:12 EST 2005

On 24-feb-05, at 7:17, Charles PARNOT wrote:

> After going through your code, Alex, here are my comments:
> * we should make BCAnnotation and BCFeature immutable and thus not 
> have any setter; for instance, the annotations would otherwise have to 
> be physically copied every time a piece of sequence is copied and 
> pasted or used for alignement, etc...
Yep, I'll change that and make the setters private.
> * I don't like the comparison methods names; why not stick to the 
> Cocoa way, which is simply 'compare:' using 'compareName:' and 
> 'compareContents:'. And I am not sure why you would need a ascending 
> and descending method when one can use reverseEnumerator?
Somehow this is the way I always used to implement rapid sorting for 
tableviews. Say you have a mutablearray of BCAnnotations displayed in a 
tableview, you can quickly sort them in ascending or descending order 
with this method. Haven't used bindings enough to see if that has 
become obsolete now. Yes, I can change the methods to compareName: and 
compareContents: no problem.

> * In the comparison: more generally, if the Contents are of the same 
> class and both respond to 'compare:', then this is what is used
What do you try to say? I don't get the point..

> * the data type should be an ivar, if you want to preserve annotations 
> coming from another app; in which case the contents is NSData; more 
> precisely, when unarchiving, if the class is known, the contents is 
> unarchived; otherwise, the ivar 'contentsClass' stores the class name 
> and the ivar 'contents' stores the unarchived data;
Again, I'm not really what you would like to see.
My proposal was to keep the datatype as it is, an NSString. And add a 
dataclass getter which does what phil wants to see (return a class 
instead of a string). Is this what you mean?

> otherwise, it looks very clean and a good start!

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