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John Timmer jtimmer at
Thu Feb 24 08:45:28 EST 2005

> I see where you're head at, but I don't see exactly HOW you would like to see
> this implement. 
> Do you mean that each annotation instead of a simple shouldArchive boolean
> should have a variable which you can set to one of the three levels you
> describe? Could you describe a bit more in detail how to implement this all?
> If I understand you right, you want this system be functional in the
> read/write classes or not? So one can define what he wants to save/load
> to/from a file? Or/And do you want to have these options in the sequence
> creation methods? How do we check what the app supports? Delegates?
> It's rather vague to me although I agree that we need to have a system to
> discriminate between different levels of annotation datatype support.

I was thinking of keeping this under the control of the user (user ==
developer using the framework).  Basically, when importing data or preparing
it for export, they could call a method and get the attributes stripped
according to their needs.  The method could just walk through the values and
do the pruning as appropriate.  It would probably be too processor hungry to
do at d-and-d initiation, but could easily be done by the receiving app.

In regards to Charles¹s point about the ³lossy² formats being somewhat
problematic from the perspective of shifting data back and forth between
apps and losing something each time, that¹s definitely true.  But if we
shift the burden of when to call these methods onto the users, then it¹s up
to them to determine when stripping information is appropriate, perhaps
making it a user preference.


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