[Biococoa-dev] Updating Nib files

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 24 20:53:57 EST 2005


To use the BCSequenceView with the translation demo, a few things need 
to be changed in the nib file of that target. To add those changes to 
cvs, Xcode cannot be used, so it has to be done from the command line. 
I think I figured out how to do it (I already did it, no need to 

on the command line cd into MainMenu.nib (it's a folder)

first I updated the three files:

cvs update classes.nib info.nib
cvs update -kb keyedobjects.nib	(===>>>>   it's a binaryfile, and needs 
the -kb flags)

Then I commited the three files:

cvs ci -m "info message" classes.nib
cvs ci -m "info message" info.nib
cvs ci -m "info message" keyedobjects.nib

I did a fresh checkout from cvs, and it seems to be working. Please try 
a cvs update to see if the translation demo now uses the BCSequenceView 
with the line numbers.


- Koen.

(psssst I did some more cleanup in cvs: I removed the .DS_Store files, 
and also added a cvsignore file that tells cvs to skip the .DS*, build, 
and *~.nib files)

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