[Biococoa-dev] Subclass organization

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 24 23:05:35 EST 2005

At 22:38 -0500 2/24/05, John Timmer wrote:
>No, actually, I just don't see the point in putting a method into the
>superclass that's should never be called by it or some of its subclasses.
>There could be a reason for doing that, but I just don't see any.  Is there
>something I missed?
>Please be assured that I'm not trying to rehash some of the older arguemnts
>- I'm getting the impression I'm missing something here, and I'd really like
>to understand what it is.

I was just thinking that the 'complement' method of sequence could then be in the superclass and not have to worry about BCSymbol responding or not to complement. But now, I realize this is a bit ridiculous, BCAbstractSequence will simply return an empty sequence, and I don't see any other place where BCSymbol responding to complement makes sense. Having complement only in the nucleotide subclass also makes the code more readable. Do it like you say, sorry for the noise:-)


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