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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Sat Feb 26 15:12:18 EST 2005

At 6:27 PM +0100 2/26/05, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:
>>>So are we now dropping 10.2.8 support? Maybe only the test 
>>>framework can be 10.3 and the rest 10.2.8?
>>I knew this was going to be confusing!
>>The way I understand it is that only 'native targets' can be set to 
>>a different deployement OS X target. Hence my question about 
>>upgrading the legacy targets to native targets. I want to wait for 
>>Alex's input before upgrading because this is a no-return process, 
>>and I want to make sure this is the way he was thinking of doing it 
>>for Foundation (10.2) and AppKit (10.3).
>Sorry guys, little time today. My experience is that converting the 
>target to a native XCode format does prevent you from opening the 
>file in Project Builder (no problem for me). The nice thing is that 
>it STILL allows you to build against the 10.2.8 SDK, so no we won't 
>move to 10.3 only for the foundation..... Go ahead Charles, it 
>should be no problem. (yes, indeed the target icon will change in an 
>application/framework instead of the red-circle. I'll comment on the 
>other emails later tonight... Great work on the sequence classes 
>Ps. unfortunately it seems that the target SDK can only be set for 
>the complete XCode file (using get info on the project icon), we can 
>leave it at 10.2.8 for the moment, we'll see what the future brings. 
>Converting to a native target has nothing to do with this though, so 
>forms no problem.

The problem is the OCUnit needs the Mac OS X deployment target in the 
build settings to be set to X.3, otherwise I get the compiler message:
`-fobjc-exceptions' ignored because MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is "10.2"
It works fine for now, but may not behave properly if a method throws 
an exception.

Now, there is one thing I don't understand very well the differences 
between the two following settings:
* Cross-Develop using Target SDK in the project General settings
* Mac OS X deployment target in the build settings of individual targets

Maybe the first is only for the headers used by the compiler and the 
headers, and the second is for the linking.

In fact, the way it is setup now, the SDK may not even be taken into 
account, according to Apple's documentation, because we are using a 
non-native target. This is the warning that you should be able to see 
on this file on your computer (Apple's doc):

So, we think we are using the 10.2.8 SDK but we are probably not if 
our machines are on 10.3!! So updating to a native target seems in 
fact necessary if we want to use the 10.2.8 SDK.

Anyway, if we want to have different targets compatible with 
different OS X versions, we have to find a way to do it. It seems the 
prefix header is where the action is. I will try to read more about 


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