[Biococoa-dev] a new design to please everybody

Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.ac.be
Sun Jan 9 07:07:32 EST 2005

Charles, I like the approach you are proposing. This seems to make a 
lot of sense to me.

I have one question though: if I get it right, the only reason we need 
the strongly typed approach as an extra option to the good-for-all 
BCSequence object is that people will get compiler warnings? Or are 
there additional reasons? To paraphrase Koen, this is an educational 
question, not a critical one ;-)

Best wishes,


> * at the same time, to please some (yet virtual) users willing to 
> stick to strong typing, I came up with the idea of an additional set 
> of placeholder classes with resticted sets of methods in their 
> headers; in the context of a class cluster, other ideas are possible; 
> and actually, these ideas may apply to the current design too; i was 
> thinking this could be added later anyway to please these yet 
> non-existing users;
> * then I realized yesterday that such users actually existed, and I 
> even could see their point; so now my opinion is that we should indeed 
> give BOTH options to the user, which will please all of us (see above 
> why)
> What do you think?
> Charles
> NB: that's all for today, it is bedtime
> -- 
> Charles Parnot
> charles.parnot at stanford.edu

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