[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa invitation

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jan 9 09:13:04 EST 2005

> On Jan 8, 2005, at 5:52 PM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:
>> Very nice Koen! The only thing I had some trouble with was the Foobar
>> part. Now I might be the joke of the day if I'm wrong here, but I
>> thought Foobar is derived from Fubar, which according to what I
>> remember from "Saving Private Ryan", stands for "F*cked up beyond any
>> recognition", not really a compliment to any new person ;-)
> LOL - no that was just a temp name, never intended to use that for
> real. And I never knew about the acronym...

Alex remembers correctly - it's a US military acronym dating from WWII, with
an alternate derivation being Beyond All Repair.  In the states at least,
though, it's been so long since it's been in common usage that most people
would look at you in confusion, rather than being insulted.  It was still in
use when my father was in the navy during Korea, though, so it was only said
around the house when he was very angry about something breaking.


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