[Biococoa-dev] Should we choose?

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Tue Jan 11 05:37:09 EST 2005

Op 11-jan-05 om 11:21 heeft Peter Schols het volgende geschreven:
> Hi Charles,
> Thanks for your reassuring mail. Your description takes care of my 
> major concerns about the schizophrenic nature of the framework and 
> about the difficulties we could face explaining the interface to our 
> users (developers).
> It seems that BCSequenceGeneric would require very little effort to 
> create and even less effort to maintain while offering users 
> easy-access to the entire framework.
> I also like your API documentation proposals.
> It's my opinion too that - if everybody agrees with this structure - 
> we can start implementing it.

Hooray! Same here! Nicely done Charles, and yes indeed it make's me 
very happy to see some implementations of all those ideas again, 
although I'm still looking forward to long emails ;-)

Ps. I'll take a look at the documentation proposals soon and see how we 
can organize that a bit...

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