[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa.framework path

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 13 23:18:39 EST 2005

I identified one very little issue with the project settings. This 
issue prevented me from compiling the demo apps 'out of the box' from 
the CVS-ed project (and could prevent others for the same reason).

The project includes a reference to the file 'BioCocoa.framework' (I 
am talking about the one in the root group, not the one in the 
'Products' group). This reference is the one being used for building 
the demos app (inside the corresponging targets, an alias of it is 
found in the 'Frameworks & Librairies' group).

The problem is that the path for this file is set to 
"build/BioCocoa.framework" and "relative to enclosing group". It 
should be set to "BioCocoa.framework" and "relative to build 
products". People can have different settings for the build products, 
and this ensures the right path will be used no matter what the 
settings are. It should not change anything to the final path for any 
of you (apparently, you all have your build products and intermediate 
inside the project folder).

It would then work better for me as I have set my build products to 
go in a special folder (namely ~/Xcode/Products), and not inside the 
project (the reason is that I don't like to have this big 'build' 
folder inside my project; it is annoying  when I copy the project 
from one computer to another, which I do quite often). And I may not 
be the only one with these settings.

I hope my explanations are clear!


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