[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa.framework path

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Tue Jan 18 06:02:03 EST 2005

> OK, I am officially a developer now :-)
Great!! Welcome ;-)
>  I have set up ssh and all, and I am quite impressed by Xcode support 
> for CVS. I had not tried in a while, and will probably give up the 
> command-line and the CVS-GUI tool I had been using  on my other 
> projects!
It's very nice indeed, although I noticed that you have to commit some 
things by hand, like updated NIB files...

> My first commit was to fix that path issue documented below, let me 
> know if it causes any trouble to you.
No problems here either.
> I will be working on the BCSequenceGeneric, or whatever we call it in 
> the end.
Very nice, looking forward to that Charles,

Ps. did you think about the xgrid widget already, next week I'm on a 
holiday so if we want to drop it before, we'd have to think about it 
before thursday night....

> Charles
> At 20:18 -0800 1/13/05, Charles PARNOT wrote:
>> I identified one very little issue with the project settings. This 
>> issue prevented me from compiling the demo apps 'out of the box' from 
>> the CVS-ed project (and could prevent others for the same reason).
>> The project includes a reference to the file 'BioCocoa.framework' (I 
>> am talking about the one in the root group, not the one in the 
>> 'Products' group). This reference is the one being used for building 
>> the demos app (inside the corresponging targets, an alias of it is 
>> found in the 'Frameworks & Librairies' group).
>> The problem is that the path for this file is set to 
>> "build/BioCocoa.framework" and "relative to enclosing group". It 
>> should be set to "BioCocoa.framework" and "relative to build 
>> products". People can have different settings for the build products, 
>> and this ensures the right path will be used no matter what the 
>> settings are. It should not change anything to the final path for any 
>> of you (apparently, you all have your build products and intermediate 
>> inside the project folder).
>> It would then work better for me as I have set my build products to 
>> go in a special folder (namely ~/Xcode/Products), and not inside the 
>> project (the reason is that I don't like to have this big 'build' 
>> folder inside my project; it is annoying  when I copy the project 
>> from one computer to another, which I do quite often). And I may not 
>> be the only one with these settings.
>> I hope my explanations are clear!
>> Charles
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