[Biococoa-dev] New Structure for BioCocoa

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 3 20:58:19 EDT 2005

> Aha, but now I understand :) I didn't realize that you were assuming 
> different data structures for each data format.  Maybe we should put 
> some effort in creating a general internal data format that will also 
> allow easy  exchange between the various formats.

Just as a follow up, have a look how the bioperl folks approach this: 
<http://bioperl.org/HOWTOs/SeqIO/index.html> and 

Not that I am implying that should be the way to do it, but as far as I 
can see, they just use one general IO class that takes care off all the 
IO and conversions.

- Koen.

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