Subject: [Biococoa-dev] New Structure for BioCocoa part II

Charles Parnot charles.parnot at
Mon Jul 4 16:42:48 EDT 2005

On Jul 4, 2005, at 12:32 PM, John Timmer wrote:

> There's two other problems with that approach - one is that ObjC  
> has two
> different types of exception mechanisms, and the better of them isn't
> available on 10.2, which is what we're targeting right now.  The  
> other is a
> general philosophical one:  some people feel strongly that you  
> should never
> code planning to throw an exception - they should be reserved for bad
> situations that are beyond your control (damaged bundle, network  
> failure,
> etc.).  We may, already or at some point in the future, wind up  
> with one of
> those people developing with us, which would mean they object to  
> that sort
> of method on principle.  Which means more arguments.

I totally agree. NSException should be only for exceptional cases.


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