[Biococoa-dev] Using an untyped class sequence

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Wed Jul 6 18:53:59 EDT 2005

> Anyway, if the majority wants to subclasses, then that's fine with me.
> However, lets stick with the current subclasses, and create variations
> through the symbolsets.
Absolutely agreed.  The whole point of the subclasses from my perspective
was a guarantee of certain behavior and grouping of appropriate methods.
All nucleotide sequences, no matter what their symbol set (strict, etc.),
will produce a valid complement when the complement method is called.  No
protein sequence will, no matter what symbol set it's composed of (so we
don't give it a complement method).  So, from my perspective, there's no
reason different symbol sets of the same general type need different

The only place where this gets tricky is if we want both mutable and
non-mutable sequences.  The ideal thing would be to have our existing
subclass files act to subclass both a mutable and non-mutable generic
sequence superclass, but I don't think that can be done.  Is there anything
about ObjC that would allow the equivalent functionality?

This mind intentionally left blank

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